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"Franchise Rap"Unknow-Franchise Rap 02:29
"Franchise II"Franchise 04:49
"My Buzz(Dirty)"Bricks Da Franchise 03:59
"Franchise_Dreams_"Andrey Loud_Nikitin_ 07:11
"Franchise Dream (Nikitin & Semikashev Remix)"Andrey Loud 07:09
"Franchise Dreams (Nikitin & Se"Andrey Loud 04:03
"Franchise Dreams (Nikitin & Semikashew Remix)"Andrey Loud 07:09
"Franchise Dream (Nikitin And Semikashew Remix)"Audrey Loud 07:09
"_Remix"Andrey_Loud_Franchise_Dreams_Nikitin_Semikashev 07:11
"Franchise Dreams (Nikitin & Semikashev Remix)"Andrey Loud 07:11
"A Man's Measured By The Way That He Thinks Not Clothing Lines, Ice Links, Leather And Minks I Spent 20 Plus Years Seekin Knowledge Of Self So For Now Marc Predk"John Cena -Your Time Is Up, My Time Is Now You Can't See Me, My Time Is Now It's The Franchise, Boy I'm Shinin Now.. 02:58
"Franchise Dream (nikitin & Semikashev Remix)"√audrey Loud 07:09
"Franchise Dreams (Nikitin & Semikashev Remix) 12.09.2009 в KIR%PITCH"Andrey Loud 07:09
"Still Life Franchise"Less Than Jake 03:28
"Don't Fool With The Franchise"Die Haut With Alan Vega 05:59
"I Do It"Banga Cyss, Alumni, Franchise, Skizzy, Celly G, Bomber, Shannon, 03:29
"Franchise Dream (nikitin & Semikashev Remix)"Audrey Loud 07:09
"Don't Fool With The Franchise (Vocals: Alan Vega)"Die Haut 05:59
"Go With The Flow"Your Favorite Franchise 04:33
"On The Move"Mac Miller Feat Franchise, Beedie, Vinny Radio 04:25
"Franchise Dream (NikitinSemikashev Remix)"Audrey Loud 07:09
"Rep Where Ya Stay (Produced By The Franchise)"K-Wal, Yung Texxus, MONEY, Gerald 01:20
"My Buzz (Bassboosted By_JB ONE)"Bricks Da Franchise 03:59
"Lil Man-She Working It Remix F"Bricks Da Franchise, Luey V, B 02:48
"Ridin Rims (Lil Bro Remix)(2010)"Dem Franchise Boyz 04:02
"Ridin Rims"Dem Franchise Boyz 05:26
"My Buzz(Dirty)cамая клубная музыка только у нас, заходи к нам"Bricks Da Franchise 03:59
"Beat King Kong - Hammer"Bricks Da Franchise 02:52
"Oh I Think They Like Me (Dirty Remix)"Dem Franchise Boyz Ft Jd,Da Brat,Bow Wow 04:45
"Throwback, Red, Girl, White, Blue,Black, Pink, Black (Remix)"Dem Franchise Boys Lil Scrappy Pastor Troy Crime MobbJD Project Pat & T.I 09:39
"Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It - Main LP Mix"Dem Franchise Boys 03:51
"Lean Wit It Rock Wit It"Dem Franchise Boyz 03:48
"Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It"Dem Franchise Boyz 03:49
"Lean Wit It Rock W"Dem Franchise Boyz 04:27
"Lean Wit It Rock Wit It Remix"Dem Franchise Boyz Feat Korn 03:31
"Lean Wit It Rock With It (Crunk Remix)"Dem Franchise Boyz 03:54
"Young Money Franchise-08-Lil Wayne - Y U Mad"Drake,Lil Wayne,Nicki Minaj 03:24
"Everytime The Beat Drop"Monica Feat. Dem Franchise Boyz 03:16
"Everytime The Beat Drop"Monica Ft. Dem Franchise Boyz 03:16
"White Tee [Dubstep Mix]"Dem Franchise Boys 03:18
"Franchize Ft. JD,Da Brat,Bow Wow Oh I Think They Like Me Dirty Remix"Dem Franchise Boyz,JD,Da Brat 04:45
"My Buzz(Dirty)"Bricks Da Franchise 02:09
"Everytime Tha Beat Drop - 82"Monica F. Dem Franchise Boys 05:11
"Everytime Tha Beat Drop"Monica & Dem Franchise Boyz 03:40
"Everytime Tha Beat Drop"Monica & Dem Franchise Boyz 03:47
"Everytime Tha Beat Drop (feat. Dem Franchise Boys)"Monica 05:11
"My Buzz ["Bricks Da Franchise 03:59
"Shake Shake Feat. Ben Hill Squad"Dem Franchise Boyz 03:41
"Outta My Mind (prod. Big. Jerm) - Franchise, B. White, & Vinny Radio"The 58's 03:32
"I Think They Like Me (Remix) (feat. Jermain Dupri, Da Brat, Bow Wow, The Kid Slim)"Dem Franchise Boyz 04:44

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